05/2009 film completed

05/2009 film posted to YouTube as the inaugural film on the
TANDEM YouTube channel [www]

06/2009 Short & Sweet - [première screening]
London UK [www]

07/2009 Rushes Soho Shorts Festival [FINALIST]
London UK

08/2009 Typophile Film Festival
Portland USA & USA touring

08/2009 BornShorts Festival [RUNNER-UP]
BornIsland Denmark [www]

09/2009 OneDotZero
London UK & international touring [www]

10/2009 Anima 09 Festival [IN COMPETITION]
Cordoba Argentina [www]

10/2009 CurtoCircuito Festival [IN COMPETITION]
Santiago de Compostela Spain [www]

10/2009 Design Projections
Montreal Canada [www]

10/2009 Montreal Stop Motion Festival [IN COMPETITION]
Montreal Canada [www]

11/2009 Holland Animation Festival [IN COMPETITION]
Utrecht Netherlands [www]

11/2009 Bolzano Short Film Festival [IN COMPETITION]
Bolzano Italy[www]

11/2009 Britspotting British & Irish Festival [IN COMPETITION]
Berlin Germany [www]

11/2009 Bristol Encounters Shorts Festival [IN COMPETITION]
Bristol UK [www]

11/2009 Bradford Animation Festival
Bradford UK [www]

11/2009 Cinemagic Film & TV Festival for Young People
Belfast [www]

12/2009 Les Nuits Magiques Anim Festival [IN COMPETITION]
Bègles France [www]

01/2010 Design Film Festival (onedotzero 'Craftwork' programme)
Singapore [www]

01/2010 BAA Public Choice Screenings [PUBLIC VOTING]
Belfast, Bournemouth, Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby, Dundee, Edinburgh, Exeter, Falmouth, Farnham, Glasgow, Harrow, Lincoln University, London, Liverpool, Maidstone, Manchester, Middlesborough, Norwich, Omskirk, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Staffs University, Totnes, Wolverhampton UK
Times and venues T.B.A. soon [www]

03/2010 Roanne Animation Festival
Roanne France [www]

03/2009 Go Short International Short Film Festival
Nijmegan Netherlands [www]

03/2010 Saguenay Short Film Festival (Encounters programme)
Saguenay Canada [www]

04/2010 British Animation Awards Ceremony
London UK [www]

05/2010 Stuttgart Animation Festival [IN COMPETITION]
Stuttgart Germany [www]

05/2010 Vienna Independent Shorts [IN COMPETITION]
Vienna Austria [www]
Also to be broadcast on the ORF TV channel.

06/2010 CinemAmbiente
Turin Italy [www]

06/2010 Annecy Animation Festival
Annecy France [www]

07/2010 Il Festival SiciliAmbiente
San Vito Lo Capo Italy [www]

08/2010 Himeji International Short Film Festival
Himeji Japan

08/2010 Silhouette Short Film Festival
Paris France [www]

09/2010 Animatti Animation Summer School
Alghero Sardinia Italy [www]
2 day animation workshop with talk and screening

09/2010 Milano Film Festival [IN COMPETITION]
Milan Italy [www]

10/2010 Ozu Short Film Festival
Sassuolo Italy [www]

02/2011 EcoCup Environmental Film Festival
Moscow Russia [www]

03/2011 Pick Me Up Art Fair, Somerset House
London UK [www]

05/2011 'COLLECT' contemporary arts show, Saatchi Gallery.
London UK [www]

05/2011 Short & Sweet Totonto
Totonto Canada

03/2013 Selected by Vimeo

12/2013 Cineastic Gondolas Festival
Lech Austria [www]